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Arcade Machines

Photobooth guys

Photobooth Guys even make the arcade machines ourselves

Marvel vs Capcom
Arcade Machine

Retro Arcade Machine

Due to demand we've added a new arcade machine to our collection with amazing artwork. This is sure to keep the kids happy at any wedding. We can also include multiple arcades if needed.

New arcade machine


Order an arcade machine as part of your Phobotooth order & we can add it for just €150 each


Retro Arcade

Containing all of the games from your childhood

Retro Arcade Machine


All of the classic retro consoles you can think of Such as Snes, Sega, GBA, Atari & PS1 to name a few

Retro Arcade Machine


1000's of classic games.

From Street Fighter, Asteroids, Pacman, Sonic, to Mortal Kombat we have them all

Retro Arcade Machine
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