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What is the best type of Photobooth?

This really does depend on what you're looking for from your Photobooth. Whether you're looking for an open booth, Selfie Mirror or enclosed booth they will all have different properties which you may find advantageous for your personality or requirements.

Open Photobooths

Open Photobooth's are the most versatile booth there is (my opinion), they can be tilted to different heights to suit the subject. Open Photobooth's are great for larger crowd's, we've often had upwards of 20 people in photos with these booth's. A larger crowd brings great fun to any event.

Selfie Mirror's

The Selfie mirror is arguably the more stylish in appearance of all of the Photobooths. The software is usually quite colourful in appearance. Where the mirror falls is the picture quality is never going to be as high as an open booth due to the camera being behind the glass itself, this can have an effect on the lighting.

Enclosed Booth's

This is likely the traditional appearance we think of when we hear the word Photobooth. These photobooths are great for commercial branding as there is a lot of space on the casing to work with. The enclosed Photobooth seems best when it comes to a more private reserved affair as it offers more privacy to the users.The Quality of the image is less likely to be effected. The only negative I would say is they're not quite as much fun as the others but that's just my personal opinion.


There is no best Photobooth, it really depends whether your looking for Styling (Mirror), Quality/Fun(Open Booth) or Privacy (Enclosed Booth).

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